Our students need to learn more than just the vocational skills that come from the arts. Although having a deep understanding of one’s medium is extremely important, the journey of creating art should initiate opportunities to learn so much more: about oneself, one’s community, and the culture by which one is surrounded by.  A contemporary and multicultural art education creates a path for students to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and the means to navigate through an increasingly complex visual world.  By giving students a well-rounded art education, we arm them with the ability to create, think divergently, critically analyze and effectively communicate.
            My art classroom will provide a forum for students to express themselves through visual arts and dialogue. Through class and small-group discussions, students leaving my classroom will have respect for their peers and their opinions. I will encourage conversations that critically explore the work and subject we are investigating. Students will leave my classroom with an understanding that not everything is black and white, right or wrong. They will be able to navigate through the gray areas within the world and confront the tasks before them. Each student’s voice will be heard within my classroom and each opinion will be highly valued. Students will not leave my classroom feeling unsure or insecure, rather they will leave with the confidence to attempt anything. 
            Our schools will continue to become more diverse; thus, our lessons and the way in which we teach should diversify as well. As teachers, we must find contemporary content to keep our young students interested and as multicultural teachers, we must find a way to share many viewpoints and cultures. I will empower my students through a multicultural and contemporary art education and in turn, these students will feel more a part of their community and their school. Exploring many cultural viewpoints will create empathic and tolerant students who will grow up to be empowered and strong citizens. 
            Ultimately, my goal is to help students find themselves. I will create contemporary and multicultural lessons that help students explore who they are and where they are in society. By understanding themselves, the culture in which they live in and our complex society, students will walk away from school confident, empathetic, and understanding.